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Procedures and Treatments

The following procedures are performed at the Clinic:

A solution called ALA, is applied to sun damaged skin or a superficial skin cancer. Once it has absorbed into the skin, the chemical is activated by light. The reaction is almost immediate but has settled by 7 days. It’s quick.
Some low grade and surface skin cancers can be treated by this method. Multiple thin shaves taken from multiple angles allow removal of the skin cancer allows the skin cancer to be removed with minimal tissue loss and resulting in virtually no post operative pain.
A method used to test a suspicious skin lesion, rash or mole. Local anaesthetic is injected under the lesion or area of concern. Lesions can be completely excised (cut out), shaved off the surface, or sampled with a punch biopsy instrument. The sample is now sent to the pathologist for testing.

Used when flaps can’t close a surgical wound. Skin is taken from another site, prepared and grafted onto the surgical wound.

“Freezing” of sun spots is the simplest method to remove these “pre-cancerous” lesions providing there are not too many. If sun spots are extensive, we will usually discuss “field treatment” with one of the creams available.


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Clinic Hours

Monday-Thursday: 8.30am - 6.00pm
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